100 Days of Summer



To celebrate Summer 2015/2016, BWS delighted consumers with 100 offers and discounts throughout November 2015 to February 2016; one for each day of the Australian Summer.


The foundation of the project was the 100 unique illustrations to visualise each offer. I was one of a few illustrators that helped create each illustration, that was to lead all the creative content across Print and Digital.

Social Content

To support the campaign, we created 100 different content pieces for each offer. For each piece we incorporated each of the offers' unique concept, and tried to provide quirky, funny ways to represent them for social. For each piece we considered timings for each piece, the correct use of props, and ensured that each post was different.

I worked closely with the Social as the lead designer to help photograph, illustrate and animate each piece. Having been on the project since its start and having a varied skill set across the project, it ensured that each piece was created in a timely manner, that was consistent with the rest of the campaign.

In total there are more than 100 content pieces to coincide with the campaign visuals, as well as other key events during the 2015/2016 summer.


Video Content

Each animation was created with multiple exports in mind. Each animation had to exported in various formats to ensure optimal format in the different social platforms. Each animation was designed to loop so that the content was smooth and seamless upon viewing on Social Media.


Photo Content

Each photograph was carefully considered to rightly represent the day's product and offer. Despite having the same products on some days, we ensured that all content was unique and different.

Display Media

Upon launch of the 100 Days of Summer, I designed and helped develop the various media that supported the campaign. I oversaw all the banners, DOOH and Rich Media placements and ensured they were to publish specifications and consistent to all other work. Because of the volume of the work, our role was to provide master files, colour guidelines and anything that would ensure consistency to any third party agency handling dispatch.

Example of a Large Format OOH placement

Example of a Large Format OOH placement

Example of Facebook Carousel

Placements included standard banners, rich banners, and various mobile banners. These mobile placements (see below) required testing of worst case/best case layout to ensure that once we passed this template onto third parties, that the offer would be easily read and that everything fit on all screen sizes. I wanted to minimise all the variables which would result in inconsistency across designs.

Because of the nature of 100 days worth of content, some of the placements needed to be dynamic. Not only were we required to create templates for all the major placements, but also provide development support for any dynamic placements. This meant creating rules and development guidelines to ensure that not only the creative was correct, but that it also worked on each publisher.

Example of a template supplied to third parties for media rollout (First frame)

Example of a template supplied to third parties for media rollout (Offer layout)

Role: Senior Digital Designer
Agency: M&C Saatchi